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Superior Financial Services

Across our range of services you can always expect a few things that only quality brokers, like those at PI Finance, can provide. Efficiency: We have implemented more ways to make the processing of your loans even quicker. The loans we write have a fast processing rate because of our efforts in building our administrative support and utilising online tools to make document collection easier for both you and us. Flexibility: Your financial situation, credit score, and personal circumstances and needs make you unique from every other client. That is why we employ a flexible, person-centric approach to each individual client who comes to PI Finance for fiscal help. Unique Benefits: Most of our services are complementary but will supply you with further skills to achieve a better understanding of investing and your finances. If you are looking for finance but also want to understand how you can make your investments go further, PI Finance can help you with that. Property Investor (PI) Finance is a full service residential mortgage brokerage that has access to over 20 lenders and well over 800 loan products to suit our client’s needs. Our brokers maintain a high standard of professional education and experience, setting us apart from our competitors. Continue scrolling down to view our services lists in more detail.

Investor Finance

Grow your property portfolio with a mortgage broker you can trust. Our speciality is property investor finance and we strive to work for you and your accountant and solicitor to provide the highest standard of integrated services. MORE

Mortgage Refinancing

Have you been paying your existing mortgage for some time? You may be missing out on certain benefits and savings! We provide a full review of your existing financial products and determine what will best meet your needs both now and in the future. MORE  

First Home Buyers

There is a lot to consider when buying a first home and a lot of opportunities that buyers miss. PI Finance can help with making those decisions from the moment you think about purchasing a property so you never miss a single opportunity. MORE